Tell us a little bit about your career so far…

I always loved performing and was in and out of bands across Liverpool in the 80s, but my first TV role was on a series called ‘Hearts and Minds’, written by Jimmy McGovern. My highlights have been working alongside Jimmy Nesbitt in Cold Feet and being on My Parents are Aliens – funnily enough, my students remember watching me in that one!

What are your stand-out moments?

Being part of a production of One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest in 2002 when it won three national awards, beating the National Theatre, was pretty incredible. I played Mr Martini, which led to about 10 years’ worth of work with that theatre alone.

What do you love most about working at LMA?

Having been here six years, I’ve built amazing relationships with my students, and that is by far the most rewarding part – watching them grow and perfect their craft is fantastic to be a part of.

How do you put your own stamp on the training you give your students?

I take what I learnt during my own training and relive it. What makes LMA special is the wealth of experience – all the tutors know how important it is to marry academic excellence with industry practice. Of course, we also know what it’s like to triumph or die in front of an audience, so we’re hopefully protecting our students from the latter!

Do you think it’s more challenging nowadays to break into the industry?

I think it completely depends on the individual. I don’t see it as any different – it’s certainly not any easier or more difficult. It’s a fantastic time for aspiring actors and there are a lot of young actors from Liverpool doing incredibly well at the moment…just look at Jodie Comer!

What are the best pieces of advice you give to your students?

Don’t be afraid of the slog and don’t be afraid to get dirty on the way up the mountain! And, as long as you’re confident you’ve put enough work in, there’s no reason you couldn’t beat the other 1,000 people going for the same job!