Studying at LMA has been the best three years of my life…so far!

I love musicals so I chose a Musical Theatre degree as I found the course had everything I needed to be able to pursue a career in the industry.

There was never a time when I thought, ‘this isn’t what I want to do’. I was guided and mentored throughout the degree and LMA is like one big family – we always joke about being brothers and sisters!

The tutors pushed us to work so hard but for the right reasons. It’s tough to get a big break and you need to be prepared to handle auditions well. This is one of the most important lessons I took from LMA and I feel so much more comfortable and confident going to auditions now.

The fact we were always encouraged to apply ourselves gave us an insight into what we need to be in this industry. It’s not easy – but what is? It was all so worth it.

When I started, I expected to train and graduate but because the tutors have worked in the industry and are very well connected, there were so many opportunities for me to gain experience while I was there.

I’ve gained more than a degree; LMA has given me the experience and drive I need to be successful in the industry that I’m so passionate about.