LMA Graduate Emma Turner tells us about what life at LMA was like for her

For someone who wasn’t sure whether university was for them, I can’t believe I am now an LMA graduate. At LMA I was made to feel comfortable from the very beginning and all throughout my time there. It was the fact that I felt so comfortable and valued that allowed me to immerse myself into my acting course and develop my skills.

Although I have now graduated, LMA continues to offer me regular support, advice and opportunities. This means that I continue to be a part of their community –  I don’t think you ever really leave!

The overwhelming support it offers is not just limited to learning either. We all had access to academic, financial and personal advisers, if we ever needed them. This network of mentors meant I have never doubted my confidence or decisions as I have always felt well guided and supported.

One of the things I did struggle with towards the end of my time at LMA, was the fear of ‘what to do’ when you leave. Yet, LMA has guided me constantly, particularly with regards to my ‘next steps’. It was LMA’s contacts that put me forward for my new job at a TV production company.

My role is very versatile, it includes everything from script development, small roles, editing and even voice overs on the BBC. It was at LMA that I used industry standard equipment and facilities such as edit suites, so I was able to familiarise myself with the requirements of my new job.

LMA’s relationships within the industry are incredible and they’ve meant that over 3,000 of us have gone on to work in our chosen field. The opportunities LMA has provided has been endless for me. I’ve started my career in the industry I love, and contributed to exciting new things. It is LMA and the network it has opened up to me that will definitely set me up for life.