“LMA is built on a foundation of experience. Your tutors are professionals”

My journey at LMA began with excitement and an eagerness to learn about the performance industry. As an LMA Graduate, I still feel just as passionate, excited and eager as I did at the start.

LMA’s community was one of the many reasons I decided to do my BA (Hons) Degree here. They welcome you into a family environment where everyone knows and helps each other, so you quickly feel part of its network.

LMA is built on a foundation of experience. Your tutors are professionals who have worked in TV dramas, films and many other things, so have real-life experience of the industry, which they apply to your course and use to guide you.

It’s not just about sitting behind a desk, at LMA it’s all about learning through experience. You gain individual experiences from openings offered to you by contacts at LMA. Tutors will consider you for opportunities and auditions they have, as they want you to see what it’s really like working in the industry.

The fact LMA is largely performance based, meant I got the chance to perform in some of Liverpool’s best venues. I was also able to perform as a soloist on national television, as part of BBC’s Pitch Battle. I performed alongside LMA’s choir to some of the biggest names in the industry; including Kelis and Gareth Malone –  the audience and judges reactions were absolutely amazing and something I will never forget!

It’s experiences like these and the knowledge that I’ve gained from tutors at LMA that have left me feeling well equipped for auditions, which I previously found daunting. I am very thankful to my tutors, as I would consider this one of the most valuable skills I developed during my degree.

Since graduating, I’ve been able to put my degree into practice internationally. I have recently got the role of a production vocalist at Marella Explorer cruises. I will soon be able to fulfil my dreams of travelling the world while doing what I love and I have LMA to thank for it.