Whether you’re a seasoned pro at gaming or making your first foray into the animated world, you’re likely to be familiar with the debate of PC vs console. From pricing to launch exclusives, there are several factors that make us gamers so passionate about our tech. But how do you choose? We weigh up the different factors for PCs and consoles to help you decide.



One of the biggest differences between PC and console is pricing. A new release X-Box or PS4 costs around £349, though you could pick up a second-hand console for much less. Although you can purchase a low-end budget gaming PC for around £300, the quality will be much different.

For the best of the best in PCs, you’re easily looking at £1,000. At the end of the day, you get what you pay for with gaming technology.

Hard core PC gamers say it’s all worth it for the quality of play and other benefits that PC provide.


Game Performance

This is where the PC really sets itself apart from the console. Although the graphics and performance available on a console are enough for the majority of players, particularly considering the cost, once you play a game on a PC with higher frame rates, higher refresh rates and higher resolutions, the difference is astounding.

The trouble is, to get the high-quality PC performance, you’ll need to fork out, not only for the processor but for a high-end graphics card, an SSD storage, and a good amount of RAM. And that doesn’t come cheap!

For hardcore gamers, the investment is worth it but if you’re a casual player, the console is more than good enough.


Games and Titles

Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, console gaming is not as cheap as it sounds. Although using consoles are arguably more straight-forward to use, console gamers tend to pay more for the games themselves, and then there are in-game purchases and upgrades to factor in, too.

2018 was a beautiful year for games, but the most critically acclaimed games were available exclusively on console. Red Dead Redemption II was available only on Xbox One and PlayStation 4, while God of War (2018) was only available exclusively on PlayStation 4. With console games, Microsoft and Sony pay a lot of money to get the rights to exclusive titles and this often means you’ll be missing out if you only have a gaming PC.

While PCs had more positively reviewed exclusive games, they did not reach the acclaim of the console exclusives.

Now, we are aware this is a contentious point because, at the end of the day, the artistic greatness of these games comes down to personal preference. Even with that said, we buy what appeals to us and the most financially successful games of 2018 were exclusive to console platforms.

In defence of PCs, there are games that fully require a mouse and keyboard to play that are not available on console. It also allows for games to be extensively modded, something that is limited on console. Not only that, but consoles cannot compete with the sheer number of games available on PC. So, the console club isn’t as private as you might think!



One of the biggest advantages of having a PC over a console is the upgradability. Consoles, such as the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, can’t be largely upgraded by the user. While this does add to the simplistic appeal of console platforms, a PC’s customisation has its advantages.

It all depends on your gaming wants and needs. If you’d rather invest your time and money on designing, and even building a system with outstanding graphics that will stay up-to-date for years, a PC is inarguably the better choice. However, if you’d rather keep it simple and pay less in one go, console gaming is the way to play. Just remember, you probably will end up paying more for each game.


Other Features

There are VR headsets, microphones, streaming and modding to consider here.

While accessories are available for both gaming options, the playability factor is one to consider. Console controllers are much easier to use and play with, while a mouse and keyboard provides much more variety, accuracy but also much more learning and getting used to!

While gaming consoles now double up as streaming services, with Netflix, Now TV and internet browsing all available from your Xbox or PS4, the scope of functionality is nowhere near the level as a gaming PC. From internet searches to saving files, editing images and so much more – a gaming PC can also be used as an everyday system.

PC gaming is also more ‘open source’ than console gaming with the capability for ‘modding’. Some modding communities are so large that you can essentially get tons of extra free content to play.


No matter what tech you play on, we are confident that both industries will definitely grow. The video games sector is now worth around £3.86bn, overtaking the music industry.

The industry comprises artists, programmers, technicians, writers and more. So perhaps investing in PC or console technology now could spark the passion that leads to your career in the gaming industry.


So, which is best?

We told you we weren’t picking sides, but there really isn’t a definitive answer to whether gaming PCs or consoles are better. The answer is hugely dependent on your budget, your gaming interests and how you intend to play.

If you’re on a budget, a gaming console is the obvious choice. Don’t get us started on PlayStation versus Xbox – that’s a whole other article! If you have a bit more money to spare then a gaming PC is definitely one to consider.


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