You’ve seen them take this year’s  X Factor by vocal storm – but who exactly are the LMA Choir?

Here are some key facts about the young singing sensations from LMA, the specialist college and university centre based in the heart of Liverpool.

Tell me more about the LMA Choir.

The LMA Choir is a vocal group whose young members are drawn from current music and musical theatre students at LMA, the Liverpool-based specialist media and performing arts college, as well as recent graduates.

There are currently 14 members and the choir is led by LMA Creative Director Steph Wallace Carr.

When was the choir formed?

The LMA Choir was formed in 2016 as a surprise flash mob and in answer to a request from Steph’s friend Carl Gilbertson, who wanted to declare his love for his wife Laura on their 10th anniversary.

The flash mob appeared at Liverpool ONE singing Bruno Mars’ Just The Way You Are, a performance that not only reduced Laura to tears but also became a You Tube sensation.

What am I likely to hear the choir sing?

LMA Choir sings an eclectic mixture of musical theatre numbers – some ‘with a sprinkling of soul’, contemporary, rock ‘n’ roll and pop.

Where else might I have seen them apart from on X Factor?

Performing Bruno Mars’ song at Liverpool ONE – either live, or online where the video has been viewed over 50 million times.